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Brydan adopts an evidence-based approach in using behavioural science to create competitive advantage in organizations

Our vision is to empower organizations by providing valuable insights on how they can effectively engage and empower their people by increasing their awareness of behavioural strengths and motivations. According to Gallup Research, increased employee engagement produces significantly higher productivity and adaptability in the changing environment. 


We always work in tandem with our customers to develop and design changes in a tailor-made, targeted and cooperative fashion. We stand out because our close connection to the academic sphere enables us to keep on top of the latest scientific findings and incorporate them into our work. Our work is based on evidence and verified.

We seek to become the resource centre to meet your organizational development needs through tailored programmes, supplier of psychometric tools and co-creation of talent management, learning & development needs.

Melvin Chia

CEO, Founder

Master Accreditor of APEX Model™

Melvin is an accomplished, accredited master practitioner of psychometric instruments and organizational development assessments for more than 15 years. He has helped organizations develop talent management programmes and help leaders define and design organizational culture.

He has helped organizations bridge business strategies, process and people together through the science of DISC and behavioural analytics, driving them towards higher productivity and creating enhanced competitive advantage through building strong teams. Till date, he has trained and profiled more than 200,000 participants and is regarded as one of the top 10 DISC accreditors in Asia.

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