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This certification awards the participants with the APEX Certification that is based on the well researched behavioural science model of DISC by William Marston. Participants who have undergone this programme will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of behavioural science and its uses. This certification programme focuses on these 3 main aspects of an APEX Practitioner.

APEX Certification-01.png

3 Main Aspects of the Certification.

of Behavioural
Motivations and Limitations

Adaptation Strategies to maximize the strengths of
each styles

Application Practices on the different aspects where DISC can
be used

*NTUC members, aged 40 and above get an additional $500 UTAP Grant

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Supported by:

Programme Outline.

What will set you apart?

Upon completion of this course, you'll walk away with:

  • An in-depth understanding of DISC in relation to behavioural science and its practical applications

  • The knowledge of how to identify people of different styles and creating interventions to enable and empower

  • Strategies on how to build effective, engaged teams with enhanced communication, collaboration and productivity

Is this Course for you?

This program aims to provide HR Practitioners, Consultants and Coaches with the knowledge they need to analyze DISC Behaviours and translating this knowledge into actual business results in view of the current digital, disruptive technological age. 

It empowers learners with practical handles on how to maximize and work with the most important resource in organizations, people.

Online Certification Information




SGD 1480



4 Modules

4hrs / Module

Competency exams
4 assignments

APEX Certification Modules-01.png
APEX Certification Modules-01.png
APEX Certification Modules-01.png
APEX Certification Modules-01.png

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Approved UTAP Funding
 and #SGUnited Grant 


"Melvin and his team is patient and precise in delivering the course and he is quick to listen to feedback and adjust his lesson plan accordingly to the needs of learners. As an adult educator and professional worker, I am really thankful for Chief Trainer Melvin for his insights and knowledge. He is very professional and relevant in sharing tips and 'hacks' for us to engage people from all walks of lives! Thank you Melvin and team!"

Jonathan Lin 

"Melvin and Zenas made an extra effort to do a one-to-one coaching to clarify any doubts an individual has. Many times throughout the course, they have over-delivered and have out-done themselves.

Overall, I highly recommend to attend this course to everyone that seeks improvement within themselves and for effective work performance."

Kenny Yeo
Financial Consultant

"Melvin is very knowledgeable and is extremely willing and helpful to provide his expertise on the matter. Can tell that he really has passion for what he is doing and is committed to his guest as well!

Highly recommend this course!"

Keiths Chua
Agency Leader

"Melvin is highly skilled in his trade and profession, and very adept at handling large groups to ensure that the fundamentals in the course is transferred to his participants. The fact that this was done over zoom goes further to prove that he has mastered the use of the skill to relay it over technology to the beneficiaries. I have no doubt that Melvin will be very effective as we move up the partnership ladder in moving towards customised profiling and even training."

Shannon Tan
Financial Consultant

"I attended the certification course and was very surprised to find that the tool has so much more depth than i thought. As a participant of a DISC programme years ago, I thought DISC was "static" and superficial. But after attending the course, I realize that the shifts in the graphs because of pressure, reveals our potential blindspots. That added much depth and scope to the tool. The trainer was friendly and attentive to our questions/needs. with his years of experience, he also shared relevant stories and examples that help us to transfer our knowledge from theory to application."

Joel Tan 
Life / Badminton Coach

"It was a very eye-opening experience attending the DISC course led by Melvin. We get to understand more about how people may behave differently in various contexts, and how to engage them more effectively according to their preferred style. The knowledge I gained was very useful for team dynamics, as well as self-discovery, to get to know oneself better & complementing one another within the group."

Michelle Chew 
Accounts Executive

 "The pacing of the seminar was just nice, and Melvin was engaging and concise with teaching the course material and holding conversations with participants. I learned how to apply the theory into practice and how to work with people with different behavioural traits in various context and settings. Would recommend if you are looking to upgrade your professional certifications in a
fun environment."

Chris Ngon
Programme Executive

"The 2-day programme with Melvin has shifted my mental model that DISC is not required for someone like me who uses other profiling tools. I have heightened self and team awareness & appreciation after the programme in my new season. Our next step is to apply and adapt what we have learnt."

Veronica Tan 
HOD, Elderly Services 

"Patience, passionate and empowering.
They improve communication, relationship and also teaches us how to identify and help others to overcome their weaknesses. Will strongly recommend parents and spouses to attend together."

Jerry Tan
Agency Leader

Unleash the full potential of the APEX Model by becoming a Certified Practitioner Today.

Become a Certified Practitioner and become a global partner of our APEX Practitioners network.

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