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We specialize in creating both asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences that seeks to increase the effectiveness of people within
your organizations.

Throughout the programme, participants deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports and their on managers using behavioural sciences, you will learn how to tap on the team member's natural role preferences and intrinsic motivators to create a dynamic, effective team.

With personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the styles of their direct reports and enabling them to bring out the best in their team.

Brydan Group Application Suites

Each of the application is specially designed to help participants better understand themselves and others. Whether improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or creating a desired culture and norm, we deliver insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of your people and your organizational culture.


Engages every individual in building effective, meaningful relationships at work.

Participant's Takeaways

Developing Teams


  • Awareness of one's strengths and motivations at work

  • Appreciate the preferences and difference of the different work styles

  • Strategies for building meaningful relationships at work


Teaches managers and team leads to effectively engage, motivate and develop people

Participant's Takeaways

Building Culture

  • Discovery of personal management style and preferences

  • Insight into natural tendencies in  directing, delegating, and motivating

  • Strategies to support long-term development for the team


Sales 2.png

Equips the leadership teams and aspiring leaders to navigate and grow in their leadership journey translating the science of leadership into the art of leadership

Participant's Takeaways

Growing Leadership


  • Discovering how to translate the science of leadership into an art of leadership that stems of their style and flavour

  • Insights into the 5 Practices of Leadership that is used by exemplary leaders

  • Practical insights and application on how they can apply these leadership practices in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment

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