The Key to Understanding People



DiSC is the choice profiling tool to ascertain one’s behavioural strengths and motivations due to its ease of understanding and identification. DiSC is not a test, it's a behavioural assessment. This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others better therefore develop stronger ties and relationship with each other.

AlignDiSC has undergone independent and qualified testing to provide a trustworthy assessment with strong psychometric properties, and prioritizes quality by using scientific adaptive testing, global norming, and real-world testing. 

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The AlignDiSC  Experience


AlignDiSC is the choice DISC assessment platform to unlock the potential of your people and to discover the power of your culture


AlignDiSC is a trustworthy assessment with strong psychometric properties. The data collected is analyzed to provide deep insights for the organization


AlignDiSC goes beyond just being a profiling tool to be an integrated solution to provide insights to teams, departments and the entire organization


AlignDiSC translates assessment results into a personalized, actionable narrative that makes behavior change tangible and easy. It is simple but not simplistic


AlignDiSC provides versatile, customization features that allow you to easily design a programme that’s suited for your organization and developmental needs.


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