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Certified Practitioner



AlignDiSC Certified Practitioner Certification is designed for trainers, consultants and in-house facilitators as they scale and customize the AlignDiSC learning experience with organizations.


This intensive course increases facilitator confidence and competence with engaging content on the principles of the DiSC model; suggests strategies for delivering a customized learning experience; and practical handles on how to utilize the DiSC data to achieve business results


Participants will not only gain the credential and expertise needed to deliver AlignDiSC workshops, but gain the skills needed to help foster an engaged, collaborative culture, knowledgeable in the language of DiSC.

Why get certified in AlignDiSC  ?


While certification is not a requirement to bring AlignDiSC to your organization, completing a certification course signifies a proven level of capability and expertise in AlignDiSC profiles and research. 



Participants receive the Certified AlignDiSC Certified Practitioner credential, backed by 40+ years of research-based assessment experience

Applicable Knowledge

Participants learn from our Specialists to develop deeper knowledge and expertise in the AlignDiSC model and its practical business applications 



Participants go beyond learning about AlignDiSC by learning how to diagnose cultural needs of a group to create a more engaged environment through DiSC

AlignDiSC Application Suite Anchor

Dynamic Learning Pathways



Accessible from the convenience of your home or office computer, the AlignDiSC Workplace Certification online course offers the flexibility of self-paced learning paired with live, virtual classroom sessions led by our Master Facilitators. Participants will be assessed through graded assignments to ensure they have acquired mastery

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In-Person Certification

AlignDiSC Certification begins with online, self-directed learning and culminates in two days of practical application facilitated by our Master Facilitators. Based on the needs of the organization, we are able to create in-house certification programmes that's specially designed to meet your business needs

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