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Certified Practitioner



What will set you apart?

This certification awards the participants with the full AlignDiSC™ certification that is based on the well researched behavioural science model of DISC by William Marston. Participants who have undergone this programme will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of behavioural science and how it's uses. This certification programme focuses on these 3 main aspects of a DiSC Practitioner.

  • Awareness of Behavioural Styles, Motivations and Limitations

  • Adaptation Strategies to maximum the strengths of each styles

  • Application Practices on the different aspects where DiSC can be used

Upon completion of this course, you'll walk away with:

  • An in-depth understanding of DiSC in relation to behavioural science and its practical applications

  • The knowledge of how to identify people of different styles and creating interventions to enable and empower

  • Strategies on how to build effective, engaged teams with enhanced communication, collaboration and productivity

Is this Course for you?

This program aims to provide HR Practitioners, Consultants and Coaches with the knowledge they need to analyze DiSC Behaviours and translating this knowledge into actual business results in view of the current digital, disruptive technological age. 

It empowers learners with practical handles on how to maximize and work with the most important resource in organizations, people.

In-Person Certification Information




SGD 1580



2 Days
8hrs / Day

Competency exams

4 assignments

Unleash the full potential of AlignDiSC™ by becoming a Certified Practitioner Today.

Become a Certified Practitioner and become a global partner of our AlignDiSC™ Practitioners network.

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