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Like Talking To A Brick Wall

There is one thing that we do most everyday when we are surrounded by people. This repeated action subconsciously shapes the way people think or feel about us. If you are following through, then you probably guessed it. Communication. Unlike what people think, communication goes beyond simple speech but to your natural behaviour. For instance, there is a difference between people who lean on one leg when they are talking to you or whether they stand upright and firm on two legs. Your verbal and non-verbal cues create a persona towards the people you are with. The possibilities and microactions are endless and the scary thing is that they all affect how someone views you!

Have you ever seen a person and came to pass judgement about them even before they opened their mouth? The idea that you can like or dislike another person, or even feel attracted or repulsed by them before you know them is something odd, yet real. I am absolutely certain that you have done that before in your life. But before you think you are a bad individual for doing that, not to fret, you are not alone. It is perfectly normal for one to form a judgement on others, which is also why you are supposed to be presentable for an interview. A properly-dressed individual shows a greater level of competence and confidence. People cannot know how intelligent you are without taking the first step into actually knowing you. The unfortunate truth is that some people are deterred from taking said first step because of how they negatively perceive you. For example, in Asian countries, tattoos are seen less positively and are signs of delinquency or gangsterism. Yet, if such negative characteristics truly and significantly affect a person’s status, then it is likely we will see no successful people who bear these traits. In the world we live in, that is never the case.

Assuming that everyone in the world is rational, the criteria of looking presentable is something everyone will tick off. So this begs the question: How can I differentiate myself from the competition? The one thing that people can portray and improve on is the ability of charisma. Charisma is once again not just simply your looks and your dressing (although they do play a part), but your ability to carry yourself. Some people are naturally charismatic, while others have to learn. A large population of the world are not as charismatic as they think they are, and you might just be one of them. A minor setback, but something that you can overcome with a good mentor and practice.

Now, being charismatic is the first major step, but not everybody reacts the same way. There is a deep need to understand the individual you are talking to and to alter your charisma to cater to their wants. A person who prefers rigidness would appreciate a mirror or understanding of his quirks instead of an individual who prefers a casual and spontaneous approach.

The best people in sales and relationships have the ability to code-switch, a kind of charisma that demonstrates a level of empathy and understanding. To put it bluntly, if you feel someone understands you, you will be more inclined to do business with them. Take the first step in honing your charisma and to become a better player in the business or relationship world.

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