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My Perspective Is Right!

Hitting the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or the completion of certain projects are things that companies all around strive for.

The company’s philosophy and aspirations, usually marked on their website or on a poster lying around a wall somewhere in the office is something that the company wishes to strive for. Of course as employees of their company, their end goal should and will be that, and very unlikely will they stray from that goal. However, while people generally can agree on what they wish to achieve, they often differ in their means of getting there. This truth is sometimes often forgotten because of our skepticism and grandiose in declaring our own methods the best.

Let’s consider your perception of two students. Student A is naturally book-smart and generally does well in standardised tests. Student A spends around two hours a day studying and the rest of the time playing games and hanging out with his friends. Student B on the other hand is not as book-smart and generally does well in standardised tests as well. Student B spends around six hours a day studying and plays little games and rarely goes out. Assuming the scenario that you are a parent of both children, who do you think would score better in an exam? Surprisingly, some would believe that Student B, who spends more time studying than playing would score better. Naturally, we believe that hard work will pay off, but some people will think that working smart will pay off better. I cannot tell you for certain who will score better because the variables are too random. However, I can tell you that both scenarios can possibly create the same opportunity to excel and score excellent results in their standardised tests. Just because something seems odd and contrary to what you believe does not mean it is wrong.

While most of us are no longer students, the underlying belief that our methods are a best fit all the time is wholly inaccurate. Instead, we should understand that not everyone works the same way. As humans, we are unique individuals who perceive different methods in doing things. Chronic procrastinators for example can hold off their work because oddly sometimes their sudden sense of urgency can spur them to be more dedicated and efficient in the hours they actually put in to complete their work. Some people also tend to work slower because they are more meticulous. Who is to say that the end result is bad, even if it is achieved through different means?

As leaders, whether we are in a position of authority or not, we all have something to say about how another person is going about their task. The trick is to better understand each other’s differences and find a way to co-exist. Of course there will be times you can give your opinion, but you should never impose it on another person. Forcing another individual to do something that they are not programmed to do might backfire against you.

Ultimately, to work hard, sometimes you just have to work smart. Think of how your colleagues work and find how you can co-exist in their sphere.

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