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Performance Indicators have failed us. This is why.

Company managers like to see results. The best way to most is by looking at quantitative measures of performances, which often give a decent look at how the sales are doing or if the quota is achieved. KPIs and other often numerical equations are symbols of success — at least they seem like they do. They are important, I must note. However, it is problematic to actually ignore the other variables that cannot be quantified. KPIs and its equivalent of quantitative measures fail to take into account what we call “non-tangible” results. This can be things like the stress levels when doing a specific project or even things like creativity, which I will talk about.

There comes a time when creativity becomes a strategy of any innovative company. Looking at the giants in the technology industry for instance, we see companies like Apple and Google seeking ways to further themselves. They are always on the move, and will spare no effort in spending money on research and development to find the next big thing. These companies are not normal because they are risk-takers and their business model has proven to lead innovation for decades. Minute Managers on the other hand are polar opposites because they are so traditional in nature. They go for the proven methods, they never seek ways to revolutionise. That is the problem. Constantly seeking only one method is a sure way to get eliminated from the market. I wish to draw your attention that companies like Nokia used to be in the business of making rubber before they ventured into a completely different industry of telecommunications and became successful.

Creativity is the catalyst to differentiating yourself from your competitors, and is something that you cannot simply quantify. If we truly were to put creativity on a scale, we would be severely disappointed because no one gets a million incredible ideas that actually work. Dedication and with it, a lot of faith, is needed to actually push a creative thought into something tangible, and something that you can actually quantify.

KPI and other indicators are good measurements of progress, but they are definitely not the

pièce de résistance of a good company.

Start by looking at other traits that can indirectly bring you the sales or goals that you want.

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