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Preparing For Your Dream Job

I once read the story about a ship making a really odd noise which irritated everyone on board. Naturally, the next step was to call for the crewmen to fix it, but countless of them tried to fix it but to no avail. Disheartened, the Captain had no choice but to call for a mechanic to come and survey the ship. The mechanic asked a few questions and walked around the area making noise. After, he took out a hammer and tapped at an area and subsequently, the noise stopped. The crew were amazed, until the invoice came for $10, 000. The Captain, enraged, went to confront the mechanic. He questioned the outrageous value of the invoice and demanded he break down the costs. The mechanic simply shrugged his shoulders and simply wrote down: The knock, $1. Knowing where to knock, $9999.

The story carries a simple idea that we need to know when we enter the working world. It is important that we have a mastery in certain skill sets that can give us an ability to command a price that customers are willing to commit to. However, these things are not as simple as everyone thinks it is. Contrary to popular belief, mastery in a subject is more than just graduating with a certificate in that area and there is no singular way to prepare for your dream job.

There are many ways to go about this, but I wish to push forward one method. Before you partake in any task, try to figure out what you can acquire from it. I am not just referring to the monetary benefits that come from a job, but the soft skills and lessons that you can garner from the experience. I know people who did community work for the sole reason of learning how to socialise better, while others simply wish to learn a thing or two about empathy. Different people can acquire different things from the same tasks, so don’t be disheartened if what you learnt is different from others. To be more specific, there are many avenues and tasks that you can partake in as a youth. For instance, even the part-time job of waitering is more than just carrying food from point A to B. Waitering can also teach you skills like communication and delegation. It is more than just a mundane activity that people think it is.

With the little time that you have, you can pick up small skills and activities that can not only beef up your portfolio but also teach you skills that money cannot buy. These activities can even be something that costs nothing, like a hobby.

Preparing for your dream job can extend itself beyond conquering your academic qualifications. Learning how to do anything can happen even in disparate fields.

Ask us how you can create your path to success and what you need to become the leaders of tomorrow!


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