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Rest - The Real Secret of Success

Tough working conditions may drain the energy out of you. It may seem that perhaps you are physically still functioning well, but the actual reality is that your mental state is drained. Studies have shown that without adequate amounts of rest, your brain degenerates in terms of its capacity. Rest, whether for the physical or mental, is an essential part of the process.

I’m young, so I recover faster

That is a fact, nonetheless. Yet the truth is that while your body is able to recover faster and is generally healthier than those who are older, not resting enough will bring you closer to an “older state” at a quicker rate. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some individuals who always work till late and do not get enough sleep, or look at those who often work the night shift or sleep irregular hours. Chances are, their ability to function is lesser and their physical looks may be on the older side. (I have known 16 year olds who look a lot like they are 25).

Working late nights and cramming information into the wee hours of the night while sacrificing sleep is a terrible trade off. While the short-term effects may be less visible in the short-term, these actions, when extended, will truly diminish the quality of your brain. Neuro-plasticity may deteriorate with age, but sleep attempts (and fights vigorously) to counteract its evil effects.

So should I take more breaks?

The general answer is yes. Taking more breaks in-between your work keeps you more refreshed and clearer. Even short 15 minute naps can boost your energy and neurons for a better conducive environment. If you have been taking many breaks, that’s fine as well. Your mental well-being is important and everyone works at their own pace. It is important, however, whether you are procrastinating. Procrastination works insidiously and before you know it, the damage is done. Sometimes procrastination also masks itself as a break, but this break just keeps going and your productivity drops. Whether you are studying for a test, completing a project or doing things for a client, having control over what influences your mental state and exerting control over it is tremendously important. Ultimately, being task-oriented and take breaks whenever you can will improve your quality of life tremendously - regardless of your age.

Mental Well-being is brought up and enhanced through scheduled rest times. Whether you are young or old, and whether your workloads are tremendous, taking breaks have shown to really improve productivity and enhance the flow of your work.


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