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What Employers Want?

Beyond hard workers or those who are willing to take a pay-cut without complaint. Companies have moved into a different direction in their hiring habits. In the past, companies fixate on academic credentials as a symbol of capability. That is obsolete.

Companies of today look towards several traits that fit their profile. For instance, popular companies like Google and Facebook tend to look towards confident individuals who can innovate and think out of the box. Startups in particular enjoy working with confident and articulate individuals. These people are salesmen of sorts, and having both these abilities are important. While the above might be true, that is not to say that companies in what is widely known as lackluster companies go for monotonous creatures. Companies of today are fixated on how you can brand yourself as an individual. It is even more important to note that many have a degree as an academic credential. So apart from the entry test, which you must pass to get the job in the first place, how do you get promoted?

The goal is to always put the best version of yourself at every point in time, but that is not possible. Constantly showing your best self is not only tiring physically but it will also inflict harm on your mental health. There are few that can flawlessly carry themselves well and these entities tend to rise up higher and score better in evaluation. However, those who can put on this act for a long time tend not to be acting at all! The definition of carrying themselves well is arbitrary and is linked to the industry they are in, but they do know how they can tailor themselves to fit their psyche, and how they can make it work. The one concrete trait that is true for all industries is being well-liked by your boss. If you are not progressing as well as you expected it to be, you might be missing something.

Before you lose interest and think I’m trying to sell your soul to the devil, I’m not.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not, but you can simply just communicate better.

Studies have shown that the increased commonality promotes a sense of cohesion and camaraderie, which when done in converse, is unfortunately also why racism and xenophobia exist. That said, being similar to your boss can really help you score well in the evaluation panel.

Being similar ranges from hobbies, to food, which you don’t have to fret if this is not the case. The intrinsic part of humanity is in the art of communication, which you can tweak and align with anyone. Getting the same wavelength helps in creating the commonality and can help you earn some brownie points. This system of communication can only work through understanding the opposite entity, and by dissecting their behaviour types. Learning how to understand an individual is complicated business. You should look towards successful individuals who have experience in this field and have tried-and-tested methods you can apply. These individuals have field-tested multiple methods and can truly guide you in enabling your successful career pathway. What we use here at Brydan Group is the DISC method, which enables you to better understand how you think, and what others are thinking when they do certain actions. Understanding others can be easy, you just have to know how.


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